Luxury Dog Boarding – Las Vegas, NV

The Basic Details

Our dog boarding service is tailored with relaxation and luxury in mind. You won’t find a similar dog boarder in Las Vegas that pays as much attention to the level of comfort that your dog can experience when staying at Luxe Pet Hotels Las Vegas.

When your dog first steps into our facility, they will immediately be greeted by our dog-loving staff.

More importantly, the level of care that we provide is all inclusive! There are no hidden fees. Your dog get’s to enjoy unlimited play time, meet new friends, and relax in the best amenities at a highly-competitive and affordable rate.

You’ll know your dog had the best and most luxurious doggy day care and boarding experience when you take your dog back home and notice that they want to sleep after a activity and fun-filled day at Luxe Pet Hotels.

  • Standard Suites

    There is nothing "Standard" about our dog boarding rooms

    There is nothing “Standard” about our rooms

    Basic Boarding Service

    • DoggySnooze® Sofa Bed
    • 32 inch TV
    • 31+ or 47+ sq ft rooms

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    Standard Boarding Details
  • Celebrity Suites

    Spacious, luxurious and private rooms for your dog

    Spacious, luxurious and private rooms

    Lavish Celebrity Amenites

    • Queen / King Memory Foam Bed
    • 42 inch TV
    • Average 160+ sq ft room size
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    Celebrity Boarding Details
  • High Roller Suites

    Private play area inside of their own room for your dog

    Private play area inside of their own room

    Ultra Luxurious Boarding Service

    • Queen / King Memory Foam Bed
    • 42 inch TV
    • Average 160+ sq ft room size
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    High Roller Boarding Details

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Standard Amenities

All of our guests get to enjoy our “Standard” amenities. However, there is nothing standard about them.

    • Food Menu Options

      Your dog’s luxurious stay includes several meal plan options. You can browse through our 5 menu options and you have the option of having fresh food made for them in-house. You or we can also provide a standard food option.

    • Fresh Doggy Treats

      No vacation is complete without being able to indulge in some snacks. We make artisanal treats within our kitchen for your dog to enjoy during their stay.

    • Play Areas

      We have both indoor and outdoor play areas where your dog can play with other dogs. They can play all day from 8am-6pm or take some alone time in their private room.

    • 24/7 Vet Access

      We know how important your pet is to you because they are important to us too! We have a veterinarian on-call so that if any complications occur we can treat them quickly.

    • Climate Control

      Our central climate control system will ensure that your dog is always at a comfortable and relaxing temperature. Warm in the winter and cool in the Las Vegas summers.

    • Soothing Music

      Your pet will find itself relaxed by the soothing music playing throughout our luxurious pet hotel. At night we turn down the music so that they can have rejuvenating sleep.

    • Bottled Water

      All of our pets enjoy bottled water ensuring that they are well hydrated and can enjoy purified hydration.

Unlimited Playtime Included

Our Air Conditioned Indoor Play and Obstacle Course Area

Our Outdoor Play and Pool Cabana Area

Common Questions

  • Is there a minimum amount of time that my pet has to stay?

    No. We offer our services for overnight stays or for prolonged periods of time. If you are out of town for a week or longer, we would love to have your dog(s) as a guest.

    Can I visit my dog while he is staying at the Luxe Pet Hotel?

    Of course! You can visit at any time during our regular business hours. This is especially important when you come to drop off your pet for the first time. We encourage you to spend some time with your pet while they make some new friends and allow themselves to enjoy the luxurious amenities.

  • How much does it cost?

    It can depend on what type of amenities you want your dog to enjoy. Of course your dog is your loyal companion so you might decide to give him the all-start treatment for the week.

    Can you pick up my pet from my home?

    Absolutely! Visit our pick up drop off service page for more details or give us a call to request this service.

    Can you pick up my pet from the airport?

    Yes. If you are travelling into town, we can pick you and your dog(s) from the airport so that they can travel in style. Most taxi drivers in Las Vegas will not travel with pets. Not only will we pick and drop you off at the airport, we will also drive you in a Cadillac Escalade.