Standard Dog Suites

Our standard is still a step above the competition

Our standard rooms are still more luxurious that most other dog boarding standard rooms. With a comfortable and spacious room that will be perfect for them while they sleep or get ready for bed, our rooms at Luxe Pet Hotels are sure to be a hit with your pet. Our amenities will surely make your pet feel like they got the special Las Vegas treatment.

The Standard Boarding Room

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Unlimited Playtime Included

Our guests have unlimited indoor and outdoor play time while staying at Luxe Pet Hotels

Our Air Conditioned Indoor Play and Obstacle Course Area

Our Outdoor Play and Pool Cabana Area

The Amenities

Our Standard Luxury Dog Boarding Amenities

On top of our already included luxurious amenities such as fresh doggy treats, bottled water, 24/7 vet access, indoor and outdoor play areas, soothing sounds throughout, your pet can also enjoy these amenities in their private quarters.

    • DoggySnooze® Beds

      Our luxurious elevated memory foam beds were chosen with your dog’s needs in mind. Our DoggySnooze® beds are orthopedic and comfortable since they have a head rest for them to curl up with.

    • 32 inch television

      Your pet will enjoy their own private television inside of their room. Doggy movies and cartoons for them to enjoy.