Dog Gym

Because an active dog is a happy dog

Our dog gym is an extra service that we provide to our dog guests and our patrons. Research has shown that an active dog can benefit greatly from regular exercise and play. Luxe Pet Hotel in Las Vegas, our dog gym is the perfect fit for dogs that might otherwise not be able to be as active as we would like them to.


    • Keep your dog in Shape!
      • Active dogs can burn more calories than if they spend their entire day sleeping and lounging around. This can put your pet at risk for diabetes, arthritis, and other medical problems.
    • Save Money in the Long Term
      • An unhealthy pet due to inactivity can become a long term expense. The chances of your pet becoming ill as time progresses increase with inactivity. As an owner, you will of course care for your pet but why not use that money to pamper your pet instead?
    • A Smarter Dog
      • An active dog can benefit from mental benefits as well! Exercise and activity can also help reduce the risk of your dog developing Alzheimers in their later years.
    • Healthy Joints
      • Through regular exercise, your dog can benefit from having joints that aren’t “rusty”. Shedding a few pounds will also make it more enjoyable for your pet to move around and play.
    • Happy Dogs
      • Active dogs are happy dogs. If your pet doesn’t get much activity, boredom can set in and their stored energy can express itself in destructive ways. A bored dog might chew through a couple designer shoes or scratch away at your furniture.
    • Longetivity
      • A dog that is active will be healthier and live longer. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy each other’s company more?