Things You Should Know Before Dropping Off Your Pet

What if my pet needs to see the Vet while I am away?

If we notice that something might be wrong with your pet, we will contact you, the owner immediately so that we can address our and your concern. We have a Vet that is on-call 24 hours a day for emergencies.
When will my pet be supervised?

We have staff that is available 24/7 365 days out of the year. You can rest easy that someone is always around to watch your pet. Our indoor and outdoor play areas are open from 8am-6pm where staff is always around to ensure fun and safety.
Do you accept my non-neutered pet?

Of course! We understand that for personal reasons, you might not want to neuter your pet and we will gladly accept your cat or dog. There might be an additional fee for your pet’s stay.
What if my dog or cat is in heat?

We will gladly accommodate your princess! She will be popular around the boys and for this reason we will keep her in her room or suite throughout the duration of her stay. There will also be a daily fee of $50.
What if my pet needs to take medicine during their stay?

We will make sure that your dog or cat gets the medicine they need without any additional charge.
Do you offer pet pick up and drop off?

Of course! We can pick up and drop off your pet in one of our luxurious vehicles so that your dog or cat begins to experience the Luxe Pet Hotels experience from the very beginning. We also offer airport pick up and drop off services. Please contact us at (702) 222-9220 to setup your time.
Can I bring my pet's favorite toy or blanket?

Absolutely! We know that having their favorite toy or blanket will help relax and be at ease while you are away. Their toys will be kept in their room so that they can privately enjoy it in case they don’t like to share. If they have a favorite blanket, you can bring one as well.
What vaccinations must my pet have before staying with you?

Before your pet comes in, we will have you fill out a questionnaire to make sure that your pet can safely play with the rest of the dogs.

We require that your pet have current Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella vaccines. If your pet has never had the bordetella vaccine or it has since expired, we do require that it be given to your pet at least 5 days in advance of your scheduled stay.

Proof of vaccines will be required from your pet and they can email or fax them in. In this report from your vet, we will also be checking that your pet has had its annual fecal check.

What if my dog is sick or has fleas?

Prior to your dog’s stay, we will be checking for fleas. If fleas are present, we will be giving your pet a mandatory flea bath at the owner’s expense to ensure that our other guests remain flea-free.

If your dog is currently feeling under the weather, we will inspect their health upon condition. Depending on the illness, we might still allow them to stay at Luxe Pet Hotels but if they are really sick, we highly recommend that they stay at home to rest and feel better. Being sick won’t be very fun for your pet if they stay in their room all day missing you.

We will welcome your pet with open arms once they are well! Your pet will get a lot more out of their stay if they are playful with the other pets instead of sick in their room.